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Kalaau Graphics welcomes you to our Web Pages!
WEB DISCOUNT for lamps applies if you mention that you have seen our web upon your purchase

Introducing Our New Pens with Glossy Lacquer Finish

our new glossy lacquer finish pen

These pens use "Titanium Gold" hardware and have a polished glossy lacquer finish for a long lasting pen.  They all have Hawaiian Koa as part of their design.

Our New Bowtie or Stylus Pen
Regular $85~ ( $50~ Web Special Price)

Our New Bowtie or Stylus Pen
Regular $85~ ( $50~ Web Special Price)

Our New American Classic Pen with Glossy Finish
Regular $100~ ($60 Web Special Price)

Our new glossy finish pens take a long time to finish.  Each pen takes days to put layers of lacquer finish and then polish.  So they are priced little higher than regular pens, but you can enjoy their gorgeous glossy finish to last for a long time. 

Koa and Red Acrylic Polished Lacquer
$70.00 Special

Curly Koa, with Rosewood and Green Acrylic-$80.00- American Classic.  This pen, and all pens shown are made with Titanium Gold Pen parts

Amrican Classic - Koa, Rosewood and green acrylic

Our Signature Koa Lamp with Shade #2

Our Signature Koa Lamp with Shade # 1
$300.00 with shade as shown

Koa- Square base- wood is 15
$225.00 as shown, with shade

Bowtie Pen $35.00
Available in Koa, Mango, Milo or Kamani


Wedding Ring Box $ 45.00
Available in Koa and Mango

Premium Curly Koa- slight bowtie shape - $40.00

Mini Key Pen $25.00

Cigar Pen $40.00 Premium curly koa $50.00
Available in Koa, Mango, Milo & Kamani

kalaau graphics logo.jpg

My name is Charles Gerdes and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. 
I make lathe turned wooden lamps from our local tropical wood.  So far, Mango and Hawaiian Koa are my favorite wooden lamps materials.  These tropical wood lamps range from $100.00 for a small Koa lamp to $425.00 for tall Mango or tall Koa table lamps.  The variation in prices also depends on the wood itself.  A large block of Curly Koa is a wonder to behold, but also more costly to obtain.

These wooden lamps will either be made from laminated 1" thick boards, or from a single large piece.  The photographs will allow you to determine which are laminated from 1" thick boards or are from the big blocks of Mango or Koa.

My designs will be similar, but  sometimes it is necessary to work around a "problem area" in the wood, so each lamp may be slightly different.

However, if you wish to have 2 or more identical lamps, I can reproduce height, base width and design features.  Please let me know at the time of purchase that you wish 2 or more identical lamps so that I can match them as close as possible.  Due to the variation in Mango and Koa, a mached set of lamps with close color and grain matching will likely require me to use portions of the the same board for both  lamps.

Taller table lamps will be equiped with U.L. approved solid brass 3-way sockets and brass key switch. Smaller lamps (12" in height or shorter) will be equipped with a U.L. approved solid brass, single switch socket,  For smaller lamps you can request your lamp be provided with or without a harp.  Without a harp, your shade will need to be one which allows it to be  clamped to the bulb itself.

FINISH:  All Mango lamps will have a gloss finish.  Koa lamps will have either a gloss finish or a custom blended finish of linseed oil and polyurethane and final coat of wax.  For Koa, please let me know your preference.

LAMP BASE:  Lamp bases have a dark red felt bottom, unless a different color is requested prior to lamp completion.  It is no fun to rip the glued felt off a just completed lamp to replace it with a different color.

SHADES:  I also make tropical fabric lampshades to match these tropical wood lamps.  You can select either the shades shown here or we can discuss other fabrics and trims.  Honolulu fabric stores provide me with large selection of available tropical design fabrics.

You may also buy a lamp without a shade and then select your own shade where you live.  This will also save on shipping from Hawaii.

BULBS:  Incandescent bulbs are the century old tradition for lighting and still offer advantages.  More recently, compact fluorescent bulbs are being used to save electricity.  Both can be used in these and most all lamps sold today.  Flourescent bulbs will be much cooler in temperature.   I have also noticed that they now also are available as 3-Way bulbs.

I make all lamps and shades myself here in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Unless already in stock, orders for lamps will take about 2 weeks to fill.  This allows time for their creation and for the finish to dry.  Shipping from Hawaii will be by priority mail and will take about one week or less to reach anyplace in the U.S. mainland from Hawaii.

Because the internet is worldwide, international customers should note that the lamps are wired for the USA.  I do know that lightbulbs in Japan will fit with no modification necessary, however, the plugs in the US are polarized and may not fit the wall plug in Japan.   If you are taking the lamp to Japan or ordering for use in Japan,  Tokyu Hands sells  a cord with plug that you can either send me for installation or you can do this yourself .

I presently accept money orders, cashiers checks, checks (after clearing)..  PAYPAL is also accepted- for you EBAYERS



Ceremonial Koa Wood Baton

Special Orders such as this Ceremonial Baton
Solid Koa Baton with Stand is $200.00

See Catalog for lamps currently available:

Mango Cuban Mahagony Walnut
Great Bedside lamp $200.00

Deluxe Koa Lamp

Our Tall Mango Table Lamp- See Catalog

Koa Lamp

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You can e-mail us at:

Kalaau Graphics: 745 Kalaau Place, Honolulu, Hawaii 96821
Call Cellular Phone: (808) 372-7844 or Law office at (808) 395-2219
E-mail Address:  CSGerdes@compuserve.com