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All lamps have a brass bulb socket.  Larger lamps (or at your request for 12" lamps or bigger)  will have a 3-way brass switch)

Using compact flourescent light bulbs saves electricity and reduces heat.   They are a little more expensive, but are supposed to last about 4-5 years.  I have used them for many years in my office.


This smaller Mango lamp has an 8 1/2" base and with shade is 16" high.


Our wooden lamps will either be made from laminated 1" thick boards, or from a single large piece.  The photographs will allow you to determine which are laminated from 1" thick boards or are from the big blocks of Mango or Koa.

My designs will be similar, but sometimes it is necessary to work around a "problem area" in the wood, so each lamp may be slightly different.

However, if you wish to have 2 or more identical lamps, I can reproduce height, base width and design features.  Please let me know at the time of purchase that you wish 2 or more identical lamps so that I can match them as close as possible.  Due to the variation in Mango and Koa, a mached set of lamps with close color and grain matching will likely require me to use portions of the same board for the lamps.

Taller table lamps will be equiped with U.L. approved solid brass 3-way sockets and brass key switch. Smaller lamps (12" in height or shorter) will be equipped with a U.L. approved solid brass, single switch socket,  For smaller lamps you can request your lamp be provided with or without a harp.  Without a harp, your shade will need to be one which allows it to be  clamped to the bulb itself.

FINISH:  All Mango lamps will have a gloss finish.  Koa lamps will have either a gloss finish or a custom blended finish of linseed oil and polyurethane and final coat of wax. For Koa. please let me know your preference at time of ordering.

LAMP BASE:  Lamp bases have a dark red felt bottom, unless a different color is requested prior to lamp completion.  It is no fun to rip the glued felt off a just completed lamp to replace it with a different color.

SHADES:  I also make tropical fabric lampshades to match these tropical wood lamps.  You can select either the shades shown here or we can discuss other fabrics and trims.  Honolulu fabric stores provide me with large selection of available tropical design fabrics.

You may also buy a lamp without a shade and then select your own shade where you live.  This will also save on shipping from Hawaii.

BULBS:  Incandescent bulbs are the century old tradition for lighting and still offer advantages.  More recently, compact fluorescent bulbs are being used to save electricity.  Both can be used in these and most all lamps sold today.

I make all lamps and shades myself here in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Made with laminated 1" thick boards

lamps with laminated boards may add an unique touch to our lamps

Prices: $275.00 and up.
As shown, $300.00 with shade
This style lamp has a 12" base + an 8" lampshade holder


Our Other Product
We have other wonderful gift options!
Koa or Mango pens as gift for someone special?
Slim and  "Cigar" pens!!
Price: $25.00 and up


Made from a solid piece
Prices vary depend on lamp sizes.  This type of Koa lamps match with any lamp shades.  You can choose our handcrafted Tropical Lampshade or your own.
Price: $150.00 and up

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